Here be dragons


Day of Dungeons: Belgium's annual TTRPG festival.

Prepare yourself for a captivating experience as we delve into Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy role-playing games. Whether you’re a seasoned hero or a curious novice, Day of Dungeons offers games and workshops tailored to both beginners and experienced players.

Beyond the events to experience and the exhibits to explore, Day of Dungeons is a sanctuary for TTRPG enthusiasts to gather, share stories, and form friendships. Engage in lively discussions with fellow adventurers, exchange tales of triumphant victories and harrowing defeats, and discover new game systems that will expand your horizons.

Gather your party and let your legend begin!

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Ruiterijcomplex Drie Fonteinen is a historic building located in the middle of a beautiful park.

With Brussels nearby, the venue is easily accessible by public transport (Vilvoorde train station / Vilvoorde Twee Leeuwenweg bus stop) or by car (follow the signs to ‘Domein Drie Fonteinen’). There is plenty of free parking available in the surrounding streets. Or mount your steed and come by bike!


Team Dodo

Sam Vancampenhout

Lore Master

Nickey Riebeek

Dragon Handler

An Hamers

World Builder

Thomas Goyvaerts

Quest Giver

Kris Diepvens

Story Weaver

Nicolas Dutré

Artifact Curator

Billy McIntyre

Elemental Guardian

Sarah De Graef

Spellbook Keeper

Jordy Wouters

Dream Dweller

Thorben De Moor

Realm Captain

Axelle Steenhouwer

Creature Whisperer

Tom Puttemans

Curse Breaker


SAT 23 & SUN 24 MARCH 2024
9:30 – 19:00

Beneluxlaan 31
1800 Vilvoorde

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