Character Creation Guide

If you’re playing Pathfinder 2e or Call of Cthulhu, your GM will provide a character sheet for you. This section only applies to D&D players. There will be pregenerated character sheets available, but you can also bring your own.

So you’re creating your own adventurer? Then make sure you follow these guidelines!

  • The one-shot will be played at level 2, 7 or 13. Your character should fit the level.
  • Use only official content, no homebrew. Optional rules (e.g. Tasha) are allowed.
  • Use standard array or point buy for your stats.
  • Multiclassing and feats are allowed.
  • At level 2, use starting gear for equipment.
  • At level 7 or 13, you can equip your character with any non-magical armor and weapons.

All sessions will take place in a shared setting: the island of Abazo and its capital Tanas. To give depth to your character’s backstory, here are some elements of the setting that you can use. Use your own inspiration to add depth to the world with people, places and problems.


Centuries ago, the island of Abazo emerged from the misty seas, an untouched paradise. It features lush jungles, golden beaches, mysterious caverns and a majestic volcano.

The discovery of the sacred Bloodwater spring nestled near the island's volcanic heart by three pioneering brothers not only led to the founding of bustling cities but also marked the island's transformation into a nexus of trade, political intrigue, and mystical wonder.

Its capital is the city of Tanas, where cobblestone streets and concealed alleys are shrouded in intrigue and whispered secrets. Fusing the latest developments in magic and technology, Tanas serves as Abazo's political and economic heart. Here, beneath the glow of flickering lanterns, adventurers will uncover a city teeming with enigmatic mysteries, ready to be unraveled.

Abazo has a rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures, creating a captivating world for adventurers to explore.

Tanas Capital
 Volcanic mountain with mystical spring
Ebonwood Ancient forest
Karta Harbor town
Seadin Monastery Temple and place of pilgrimage
Shadow Rock Settlement of outlaws

In Tanas, three locations hold pivotal roles in the daily affairs of the city.

Nexus Mine Precious metals mine
Scholar's Spire Academy and library
Starlit Gardens Conservatory for magic

The island is ruled by the hereditary monarchy known as the Crowned Unity, currently led by Princeps Erol the Green in Tanas. However, true political influence lies with the Guild Coalition, a consortium of trade guilds and merchant consortiums. The island's atmosphere is a mix of wonder and caution, where diverse cultures coexist, shrouded in the allure of ancient secrets and legendary creatures.

In Tanas, the island's capital, daylight bustles with self-centered ambitions, while nightfall brings unseen dangers in the shadows. Magic and technology coexist harmoniously, enhancing daily life with clockwork mechanisms and enchantments.

Recent events include the Bloodwater Veil, a surge of magical energy enveloping the island, leading to unusual phenomena and the awakening of dormant magical abilities among the inhabitants.


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