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‘Day of Dungeons’ started as a passion project by a group of friends. We saw the opportunity to organize a festival in the spirit of a game that has, in recent years, gained so much popularity that it is now taught at schools, referred to in Hollywood tv shows and is played by people from all over the world.

2023 marks the year that the first Dungeons & Dragons festival will be held in Belgium. As it is our first edition, we’re supported by many friends and fans – all of them volunteers. Though we charge a ticket price, a lot of resources are necessary to accommodate the many enthusiastic visitors of our festival. Your contribution would greatly support our logistics, such as renting the venue, furnishing the location and providing catering options, to name a few.

What sponsoring options do we offer

Dragon Donor

€ 500

Phoenix Patron

€ 250

Siren Sponsor

€ 100

What other advantages do you get

have the initiative

By sponsoring us in this first year, you’ll certainly be at the top of our mind when our festival grows in popularity over the next few years. As some sponsor benefits will be exclusive, you’ll be the first at the table to improve your brand visibility in future editions.

Support the community

Your commitment to supporting and investing in the Belgian D&D community can help to build goodwill and positive associations with your organization. Our audience is part of a niche that will certainly connect with your values, giving you exactly the right kind of exposure.

build a network

Sponsoring ‘Day of Dungeons’ can provide opportunities to network with other businesses and organizations in the community, potentially leading to new partnerships and opportunities.