A Spiral Horror

Game Master

Filippo B

Session Start

Assassination! Brother Theodore, a long-respected historian and religious expert, has been found dead this morning by one of his peers, in the main library of The Scholar’s Spire. The sight is tremendous, the body unrecognizable, if not for a few tattoos left in the body remains. His vests are ripped off, gashed from inside and outside. A dreadful murder shrouded in mystery has left the scribes stunned. The scribes report that one of the most enigmatic and dangerous books is also vanished from the library, the empty chain locking its pages remain hanging in the void. They are reluctant to reveal what the book was about, but this tragedy must be solved before something else, maybe even more nightmareous, happens in the mystical city of Tanas. Something lurks in the deep, puppetting the threads of unmentionable horrors.

The Call of Cthulhu sessions are beginner-friendly and focus on discovering this awe-inspiring TTRPG. Character sheets will be provided.

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