Beneath the Surface

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Arno B

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The ominous reputation of Shadow Rock, a remote settlement perched on a jagged southern cliff of Abazo, has lured you and your companions to its enigmatic streets. Here, under the moon’s ghostly glow, gambling dens and speakeasies hide behind darkened alleys. Smugglers’ secrets and lawless merriment reign supreme. However, beneath this facade of revelry and disorder lies a deeper, more sinister mystery. Rumors speak of ominous portents, bizarre occurrences, and a series of mysterious disappearances. The town’s mirthful facade belies a growing sense of unease. To confront this looming threat, you are enlisted to uncover the truth – by cunning or by force.

The Pathfinder 2e sessions are beginner-friendly and focus on discovering this wondrous TTRPG.

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