Cookies, Clues, and Conspiracies: An Intriguing Investigation (FULL)

Game Master

Lien D

Session Start

Something weird is happening … Actually, a lot of weird things are happening, but this one has drawn your attention. Not long after the Bloodwater Veil, you noticed that people started disappearing. This happened to your sibling as well, but when you searched their home to see if they left some clue about where they went, you could not find anything. The only things you noticed were a new plant next to the kitchen table that they clearly still needed to find a suitable place for & some crumbs and cookie wrappers on the table. The law enforcement seem too busy with the current crime wave to help, so you’ll have to take matters in your own hands. You’ve joined some kind of neighborhood watch group, trying to investigate these disappearances. Putting all cases together, you’ve uncovered one common element: baked goods from Trish’s Traditional Tarts & Treats.

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