Echoes of Madness (FULL)

Game Master

Robin S

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You receive a cryptic letter from an old acquaintance, Professor Nathaniel Blackwood. His message, trembling with fear, speaks of a dreadful revelation hidden within the city’s darkest recesses and hints at the enigmatic Scholar’s Spire, a hub of arcane activity. As investigators of the occult and the unknown, you are compelled to heed his call. Within the hallowed halls of the Scholar’s Spire, a myriad of secrets are unraveled, and countless questions await answers.

The Call of Cthulhu sessions are beginner-friendly and focus on discovering this awe-inspiring TTRPG. Character sheets will be provided.

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SAT 8 MARCH 2025

St Peter’s Abbey
Sint-Pietersplein 9
9000 Gent

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