Halls of the Crowned Unity (AD&D 2e)

Game Master

Luka B

Session Start

Someone in the misty, wooded isle of Abazo needs hundreds of brand new dwarven-forged swords transported under guard to a certain place on the isle. The swords are needed so badly, and their safe arrival is considered so unlikely, that someone is willing to pay adventurers a lot of gold – someone fairly important.

Adventurers foolish enough to take assigments too good to be true (or merely desperate for coins) will soon find themselves embroiled in a dark and mysterious struggle against evil that will take them into sacred groves, crumbling castles, and through ancient magical gates to the Halls of the Crowned Unity itself – and beyond!

This session will be played in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e system. Character sheets and other materials will be provided.

Image Copyright: Jeff Easley © All rights reserved

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