Nexus of Power (FULL)

Game Master

Wouter V

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Once you go down deep enough into the Nexus Mines and take an absurd amount of left turns, the walls become less rock-like, a bit spongy even now and then. Others have even claimed to hear thought-like voices floating between these walls. To the miners & engineers, this is just a haunted area without priceless minerals. 

The Dreamspeakers however, have discovered the true nature of this part. They jokingly call it the Nexus Mind, for it is the brain of an avatar of the blood god Uvhash. They have devised a ritual that will allow them to revitalize and harness the power of this long-gone avatar. The party will delve deep into the ancient creatures brain in the hopes of preventing the downfall of everything the Abazoans hold dear.

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SAT 23 & SUN 24 MARCH 2024
9:30 – 19:00

Beneluxlaan 31
1800 Vilvoorde

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