The Ambition of The Scholar’s Spire (FULL)

Game Master

Jeroen B

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The island of Abazo recently experienced a powerful surge of magical energy, known as the Bloodwater Veil, which temporarily shrouded the entire island in an otherworldly mist. This event led to a series of unusual phenomena.

The common folk of Tanas blame the masters of the Scholar’s Spire for this event. The Headwizard Gnax was part of the Guild Coalition, but he has been missing since the magical surge. The rest of the Guild is very wary and skeptical about the whole situation and has hired the party to investigate.

Ascend the old steps of the Spire, wave your candle through dusty parchments, and discover the ambitions of the mysterious scholars within.

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SAT 23 & SUN 24 MARCH 2024
9:30 – 19:00

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