The Final Dawn (FULL)

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Jelle D

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Unbeknownst to the denizens of Tanas, the fate of the City of Curves is to be decided on this auspicious night. For during this star-cursed eve of terrors untold, an ancient and forbidden ritual will be taking place deep within the abyssal bowels of this secretive city. However foul or fair your reasons may be, you are an initiate of the nefarious Dreamspeakers cult, who might be biting off more than even they can chew. But will you unmask the cult’s mysterious leaders and try to stop this profane ritual? Or will you be Fate’s dark harbingers and plunge Tanas into madness and misery, heralding its Final Dawn?

The Call of Cthulhu sessions are beginner-friendly and focus on discovering this awe-inspiring TTRPG. Character sheets will be provided.

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