The Grey Wanderer (FULL)

Game Master

Ruben L

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The stage is set in the heart of Karta, a bustling town of mysteries and mirth. Here, in a quaint tavern brimming with seasoned adventurers, a shadowy figure known as the Grey Wanderer arrived like a whisper. Over the dimly lit wooden tables, the Grey Wanderer spun a web of enchantment as he shared his extraordinary chronicles. His voice, a haunting melody, wove together the stories of divine deities and the hidden wonders of a time-worn spring cradled near the formidable Bloodwater Volcano. 
In a world where legends are spun like whispers in the wind, the Grey Wanderer reveals the hidden cause behind the island unsettling anomalies with a knowing gaze. As his stories beckon, an eerie choice looms: will you embrace the mysteries of the Grey Wanderer?

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SAT 8 MARCH 2025

St Peter’s Abbey
Sint-Pietersplein 9
9000 Gent

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