Whispers of Farnsta (FULL)

Game Master

Conor C

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In the ancient woods around Farnsta, shadows stir with tales of vanishing villagers and a haunted grove. The village, nestled in Abazo, is paralyzed by fear as townsfolk dissapear without trace.

As you step into Farnsta’s forsaken realm, the air thickens with impending doom. Haunted howls echo, and the ethereal Fey-Enchanted Grove beckons. Dark power veils the village, and only the bravest investigators can unravel its cursed secrets.

Will you delve into Ebonwood, where reality blurs, and Farnsta’s fate hangs in the balance? The shadows whisper, and the village’s dark secrets await those bold enough to conduct thorough investigations and confront the lurking terrors.

The Pathfinder 2e sessions are beginner-friendly and focus on discovering this wondrous TTRPG. Character sheets will be provided.

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