Whispers of the Nexus: A Servant’s Quest for Power (FULL)

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Lien D

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You’ve been a servant at the Scholar’s Spire for many years now and have sadly never felt appreciated or valued for your work. The Order of Scribes might be held in high esteem by scholars & magic users, but being kind to ‘the help’ is certainly not their strong suit. You and your fellow servants have always felt small and insignificant, not being able to wield or even understand the magic documented in this place. Everything changed with the Bloodwater Veil. It seems to have unlocked magical powers in some people, including you and a few of your peers. And to top that off, you stumbled upon a conspiracy of some weird cult, planning to do a ritual in the Nexus mine and take control of the Scholar’s Spire. You cannot let this happen! You need to go down the mines and stop the cult … because you want to preform the ritual! Let’s be honest, no one deserves the cosy chairs and luxurious lifestyle of the Order of the Scribes more than you do …

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