Wonders of the Ebonwood

Game Master

Robin S

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The Ebonwood is, and will always be, surrounded by riddles & mysteries. It is an uncharted part of Abazo, filled with mystical creatures and exotic plants (even by Abazo’s standards).

A small collective of ambitious cartographers, the Explorative Engravers, has decided they want to map out as much of the woods as possible, so they hire adventurers to go in and get a good lay of the land. Your group has been tasked with finding the ruined temple of Sephris, an ancient snake-trickster god, and mapping the route there. Sounds easy enough, were it not that the essence of Sephris is still present in this part of the Ebonwood. They are not terribly fond of intruders who want to demystify the Ebonwood by doing something boring as “mapping it out”. Trees will shift and paths will change, where the party will end up, nobody knows for sure, not even Sephris.

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