Cosplay Requirements

To be allowed entrance with a cosplay ticket, you must come to the event dressed up as a recognizable character from a video game, comic, movie, or anime, or as an original character. Simply putting on a hoody from your favorite game does not count as cosplay.

      • Costumes must be street-legal and suitable for all audiences.

      • Wear shoes, flipflops, slippers or other footwear. The soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor.

      • Costumes which have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, minorities, or religions in any way, will not be tolerated.

      • If your costume could be mistaken for military or law enforcement, it is prohibited.

      • No metal weapons are permitted. Prop weapons must be made of a non-metal, non-sharp material. Air guns and other pneumatic weapons are not allowed.

      Attending in cosplay will automatically make you eligible for the selection of our ‘Best Cosplay’ proclamation.

      Further reading: see Code of Conduct.


      SAT 8 MARCH 2025

      St Peter’s Abbey
      Sint-Pietersplein 9
      9000 Gent


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